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Toddler Meals Made Easy

After yet another pea hit the wall and I wiped mashed broccoli off my forehead, I wondered what had happened to my wonderful twins who ate everything I put in front of them. Meal time was now a full scale war; it was so bad that even my dog was running for cover. I was out of ideas and out of cookbooks. It was time to take stock; a meal time overhaul was long over due, but where to begin?

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The Seven Wonders of Trader Joes

Trader Joe's is not just a store, it's a cultural phenomenon. This bargain gourmet food chain has a cult-like following and its products are now staples in many home pantries – even in caterers' kitchens. Although Trader Joe's won the hearts of American consumers with frozen hors-oeuvres, salsa, and chocolate dipped pretzels, it has many treasures for the "from scratch" type of cook. Everyone has their Trader Joe's favorites. Mine lean more towards the raw ingredients rather than prepared foods, as you might have guessed based on my obsession with cooking.

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