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Simple Snacks for Small Kids

Finally the snow, ice and freezing temperature have gone and summer is upon us. Unfortunately so is my summer figure. My flip flops are about the only thing that still fit after our long winter hibernation. I decided it was time to dust off that jog stroller, stretch my limbs and shrink my butt with some serious power walking and maybe even a jog. So after contemplating this for a few days, I finally loaded the stroller with kids and armed myself with snacks and juice. Bye bye big butt, hello swim suit!

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A Brush with Conscience

When we think of Trader Joe’s, we typically salivate, thinking of our favorites such as chili lime organic corn tortilla chips, frozen steel cut oatmeal and Sir Strawberry juice. Tucked in a corner of the store, however, is a small but worthy section of truly unique household, health and beauty products. The Recycline Preserve toothbrush is one of them.This simple toothbrush has a fascinating story behind it and I can honestly say I’m impressed.

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Help Wanted: Store Sign Artist at Trader Joes

It may not happen right away. It may take a few trips to Trader Joe’s, or maybe more than just a few trips; regardless of how long it may take, it eventually happens to everyone. Suddenly, somewhere between the corner tasting station and the colorful “New Items” sign, you suddenly realize: “It is tons of fun to work here!”

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