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Goodbye Gluten

wheat.jpgUntil recently, gluten free eating has been a lifestyle choice for a relatively small group of people. People affected by gluten allergies or the more complex celiac disease were given few options, and the options that they had tasted uncannily like wet cardboard. Yuck. Luckily, as places like Trader Joe’s have become more aware of the need for gluten free products and gluten free recipes, the selection (and flavor) has increased.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids at Trader Joes

omega3.jpgYou’ve heard about Omega 3 in the news, seen the bottles of supplements at grocery stores and generally accepted that it’s good for you. But what makes it so great, and where is the best place to get it? Omega 3 fatty acids are a family of unsaturated fatty acids that can provide dramatic health and healing effects to the body.

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Looking for the Perfect Gift this Holiday Season?

bodycare_basket.jpgWhy not share your favorite Trader Joe's goodies with a friend, family member or business associate? Imagine how delighted they will be when a beautiful basket of scrumptious treats arrives at their doorstep. Nikki from Bravo Baskets by Nikki can help you custom arrange a basket to suit any taste or budget.

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Time for the Green Bean Casserole Again

Don't forget that Green Bean Casserole! This quick, easy and abolsolutely delicious recipe won our October 2006 recipe contest. It uses three of our favorite products and takes just minutes to prepare.

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