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Jake's Beer Reviews

Mackeson XXX Milk Stout

mackeson_xxx_stout_sm.jpgIf the words Milk Stout don’t sound appealing to you, it’s probably because you have never tried Mackeson XXX Milk Stout beer. Dark and sweet, Mackeson’s is one of the last survivors of a once popular way of brewing beer. This old southern English style of sweet stout uses lactose as its sweetener (derived from milk, and hence its name). Smooth and creamy, you will find hints of chocolate and coffee from the roasted malts, but not to an overpowering degree.

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Pyramid Apricot Weizen Ale

apricot_pyramid.gifFall is the perfect time to add a little flavor to your beer drinking, and Pyramid Apricot Weizen Ale is the perfect way to do it. This unfiltered wheat beer is all about flavor, capturing the essence of apricot and the distinct taste of wheat beer. Full of both the aroma and flavor of fresh apricots, an open bottle of this weizen will fill the room with its smooth scent.

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Flying Dog Pale Ale

flyingdog_sm.jpgStrong, confident and full of attitude, Flying Dog Classic Pale Ale is definitely the alpha male of American-style pale ales. Its brilliant amber color and dry hopped flavor have made it a two-time award-winning craft beer at the Great American Beer Festival.

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White Hawk Ale IPA

white_hawk_ipa.jpgThis traditional IPA is still made in the English style of the 1800s. White Hawk follows the same recipe that was used to send beer to India for British troops, maintaining the rich, heavy hops and malt flavors that characterize this strong brew. A sharp, bright aroma complements the strong hops flavor and high 7% alcohol presence. With accents of dark chocolate and coffee, this IPA is a unique and memorable beer. Ale lovers will note the exaggerated characteristics that make this beer feel like moving from an acoustic Fender guitar to an electric Les Paul. $7.50 for a six pack.

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Petes Wicked Strawberry Blonde

petes_wicked_strawberry.gifPete’s Wicked Ale keeps its jagged edge with this Strawberry Blonde Ale. A golden lager delicately balanced with pale and wheat malts against natural strawberry flavor, this beer smoothes over like a Hollywood kiss. Clean and crisp on the palette with a bright copper color, this fruity lager his a beautiful white head and easy carbonation. All in all, a very drinkable, memorable fruit beer.

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Boont Amber Ale

boont.jpgIt can be hard to find a well balanced beer that combines dynamic color, aroma and flavor in one bottle—unless you’re looking for it at the Anderson Valley Brewing Company. Their Boont Amber Ale reveals a smooth caramel flavor in its medium bodied, rich colored brew. A classically drinkable ale, its mild amber qualities are streaked with floral aromas, orange tints, and nutty flavors. Clocking in at 5.8% alcohol by volume, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Seasoned beer drinkers, and novices looking to go out on a limb will both find solace in this delicious American amber ale. But don’t just take our word for it—Boont Amber Ale wone the silver medal at the 2003 Great American Beer Festival in the amber category and was named “best beer brewed in Northern California,” by the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

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Fat Weasel Ale

fat_weasel.jpgIf you like your beer a little on the strong side, make a trip to Trader Joe’s and get yourself some Fat Weasel Ale. This light golden ale is a bright, bubbly brew with a walloping 7.10% alcohol by volume (ABV). This beer gives off a strong grain aroma and medium malt flavor that is not for weak beer drinkers. If you pay attention, hints of fruit will surface, but this beer isn’t going for gourmet achievement—it’s a straight up Strong American Ale style beer that tastes as good from the bottle as it does in a pint glass. Bottoms up!

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Full Sail Amber Ale

full_sail_amber_ale.jpgFor nearly 20 years, Full Sail Brewing Company of Oregon has been providing America with one of the first American Amber Ales ever created. Many people credit Full Sail with creating Amber Ale, and it isn't hard to see why: they've got their beer down to a science. Full Sail Amber Ale is a perfect balance of malt and hop flavor, characterized by a nice full body without the bitterness of a pale ale. Caramel undertones shine brightly. Flavored with spunky Cascades hops, this beer tastes like it looks: a delicious, caramel amber. 6% ABV. $5.99/6 pack.

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