Trader Joe's Fan - Duvel Belgian Ale

duvel.gifWhile you can find some obscure microbrews and other small-batch beers at Trader Joe’s, you can also find the international classics. One of the world’s best and most respected beers, the Belgian ale Duvel, is available at Trader Joe’s. This complex ale is a robust flavor sensation that holds a cornucopia of flavors in its depths.

A dynamic fruit body, easy malt flavors and crisp dry finish will immediately convince you that Duvel is a special beer. It is fermented three times for smoothness and complexity, and this beautiful, buttery beer proves it.

Take home a case of this delightful foreign ale and you may be changed for life. But be careful—Duvel means “devil,” and it’s 8.5% alcohol content is nothing to take lightly.

Jake Kulju is a freelance writer, and food & wine reviewer. Visit his web site,

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