Trader Joe's Fan - Chimay Authentic Trappist Beer

chimay_sm.jpgIt looks like a wine bottle. It’s corked like a wine bottle. It tastes like…beer! Chimay’s authentic Trappist beers are some of the finest crafted beers in Belgium. The Cistercian Trappist monks of Chimay have been brewing and refining their gourmet beer since 1862. Its distinct coppery color and rich creamy head are only the beginning of the exquisite flavor that lies within each bottle.

Pour Chimay into a chilled glass and let the apricot aroma rise gently to your nose as you take your first sip. You will immediately understand why Chimay takes such pride in calling itself a hand crafted beer. The silky, smooth texture accented with just the right amount of hops bitterness comes from the patient aging process the monks use for each batch they brew.

Chimay is prized for its rich, delicate mouthfeel and mature flavor that comes from a perfect combination of fresh Belgian ingredients and expert aging. Uncork a bottle and discover why another of the best beers in the world right at Trader Joe’s.

Jake Kulju is a freelance writer, and food & wine reviewer. Visit his web site,

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