Trader Joe's Fan - Whitbread Pale Ale

whitbread_sm.jpgWhitbread Pale Ale is a classic English pale ale: smooth, malty and delicious. Whitbread is still made in one of England’s oldest breweries. While pale ales of late have been the subject of a lot of experimentation, Whitbread got the recipe right a few centuries ago and just kept on making it. It's a good thing we can get it at Trader Joe's, huh?

Unlike American pale ales, this English pale ale is built for a smooth ride. Beers like Sierra Nevada and Flying Dog pale ales are very hoppy, crisp and citrusy with sharp grass and sour fruit tones. Whitbread is a sleepy, moderate beer. If you don’t consider yourself much of a beer drinker, or dislike dark beers, Whitebread is for you.

It drinks very easily and is just on a the malty side, giving the beer a touch of sweetness with only a suggestion of hoppy bitterness.

Whitebread pale ale pours a dark amber color and delivers an ample, frothy head. There is slightly more carbonation in this ale than most American ales, which helps to release a fresh hops aroma that disguises the caramel malt flavor within. I especially like to drink this pale ale with a meal. Its smooth demeanor and malty overtone are excellent complement to cheeses and pasta dishes.

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