Trader Joe's Fan - Magic Hat Roxy Rolles

magic_hat_roxy.jpgRoxy Rolles isn’t your typical six pack. Magic Hat is always up to tricks with its beer, and Roxy really threw me for a loop. Its dark, mahogany color and sweet, malty aroma had me prepared for a classic porter or dark amber flavor: mild, slightly sweet and laced with caramel and nut flavors. What I got was a mouthful of citrus hops with hints of dark malt in the background. At first I was surprised, and then I was pleasantly surprised. The Roxy is a beautiful beer. It pours a deep coffee color and produces an abundant, aromatic tan head. It quickly levels off and keeps a fine lace all the way to the bottom of the glass.

The chestnut brown brew started to really evolve into a delicious beer once I got used to the contrast between its color and flavor. The bitter hops kept my taste buds fresh and alert. With each sip, I could taste more of the delicate malt flavors dancing in the depths of the Rolles. The dominant hops provide grapefruit and a light floral flavor that I will describe as sharply earthy. Stay with me on this one—it is a delicious beer and very difficult to describe. There aren’t many brews like this one on the market.

Jake Kulju is a freelance writer, and food & wine reviewer. Visit his web site,

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