Trader Joe's Fan - 3 Horses Lager


3 Horses Lager, the delicious Dutch concoction that has been brewed since the 1500s, is just the beer to pony up to this fall. Crafted using the same centuries-old recipe that made it famous in the Middle Ages, this hearty lager has been warming people to their bones since the days of Shakespeare.

Packed with perfectly balanced hops, finely malted barley and the touch of the Dutch, this 5.4% ABV brew will take your taste buds on a three horse ride with every sip. Served in “tall boy” cans at Trader Joe’s, you can’t miss the distinct equestrian logo that United Dutch Breweries has relied on as a mark of quality since its start.

Blacksmiths used to serve this beer to their patrons while they waited for their horses to be shod. You don’t have to wait for anything—Trader Joe’s has it in stock right now. While the leaves are changing and the snow starts falling, you’ll be in the saddle of one of Europe’s finest brews.

Jake Kulju is a freelance writer, and food & wine reviewer. Visit his web site,

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