Trader Joe's Fan - Sea Dog Pale Ale

seadog.gifThe summertime beer is season can be a time for fresh, experimental beers. Fruit beers, wheat beers, super-hoppy beers. I’ve tried them all, and you have, too. But sometimes, sometimes on a summer day, when all the ads for summer ales and berry-flavored brews have faded into the background, you just want a good old fashioned pale ale. Reach for a Sea Dog Pale Ale.

Styled after the classic English pale ale, Sea Dog adds its own little bite with a generous amount of Cascade hops that kiss your lips on the way down, but don’t overpower or even characterize the beer. Nice and nutty, a good golden toasty brown color and quality malt put Sea Dog Pale Ale right on the border of being “edgy,” while delivering the refreshing, slightly bitter nip that you look for in a pale ale.

With premium malted barley and four well-blended hops it is hard to go wrong. Sea Dog Pale Ale definitely got it right.

Jake Kulju is a freelance writer, and food & wine reviewer. Visit his web site,

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