Trader Joe's Fan - Guinness Extra Stout

guinness_extra_stout.jpgMost beer is made out of the same essential ingredients: malted barley, hops and water. Each glass of Guinness Extra Stout also has a heaping spoonful of magical deliciousness—how else could they create such a famous flavor? Guinness has long been the best selling beer in Ireland, and drinkers all over the world loves its rich dark body, toasty-burnt flavor and thick, creamy head. If you like the flavors of roasted coffee, caramel and cocoa in your beer, then Guinness Extra Stout is for you.

A perfectly balanced bittersweet flavor is part of what has made Guinness famous for more than 200 years. This classic extra stout has one of the most resilient heads of any beer on the market. Not only do you get a nice two-finger head on your glass, but it stays there, leaving excellent lacing on your glass and imbuing the flavor with lightness throughout the pint.

Guinness was created by Arthur Guinness at his now legendary St. James Gate brewery in Ireland. The rich chocolate colored brew is based on the dark porter style of beer that was created in London in the 18th century. A dry stout, Guinness is most famously served from a tap to achieve “the perfect pint.” However, the bottles and cans sold at Trader Joe's employ a way that creates the decadent head that is so sought after from a tap beer. Small nitrogen capsules are bottled along with the beer and release the gas when you open the can or bottle. As you pour it into your glass you will see the familiar cascading bubbles and rich head that Guinness is famous for.

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