Trader Joe's Fan - Warsteiner Premium Verum

warsteiner.jpgThere is beer, and then there’s Warsteiner. Seeing this exquisite brew at Trader Joe’s was a very pleasant surprise. A world-class international pilsner, Warsteiner Premium Verum is a German-style pilsner that holds closely to the 1516 German beer purity law that cherishes a simplicity of ingredients and a complete avoidance of chemicals and additives: this beer is built for savoring.

This clean, crisp beer has that distinct and refreshing taste of good imported German beer. If you’ve had the good fortune to travel to Germany and enjoy their local beers, you will instantly recognize this flavor—an artistic presence of Noble Hallertau hops, gently malted spring barley and clean, clear spring water. The brewery is actually located at the spring from which they get their water. It’s like a friggin’ fairy tale.

Anyone with discerning tastes will find something to appreciate about the Premium Verum. A slightly heavier hops presence than most American lagers, Warsteiner uses all German ingredients and leans on their delicious hops a touch more than most pilsners in its class. The effect is a lingering, tantalizing fresh hops presence that fills your mouth even after swallowing. The integrity of flavor, the pure gold flush of its color and its pleasant aroma and aftertaste keep this beer in my fridge on a regular basis.

Jake Kulju is a freelance writer, and food & wine reviewer. Visit his web site,

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