Trader Joe's Fan - Negra Modelo

modelo.jpgMexico isn't known for its beer, but that doesn't stop them from crafting one of the finest brews on the market. Negra Modelo is one of the country's most popular exported beers. Easy to locate in their gold foil wrappers, the stout, elegant bottles hold the best that Mexico has to offer. Negra Modelo's brilliant copper coloring, smooth lager flavor and inviting head combine the comforting and exotic in one dark bottle.

A light malt sweetness blossoms on the first sip, soon followed by a delicate and grassy hop presence. Although it is a darker beer, it is not overpowering or over caramelized. Some coffee hints through the malt, but is not a dominant characteristic and adds a nice undertone to the beer's already delicate balance. The classic mellow, delicious and refined qualities of a lager are all present in Negra Modelo, including a light toasted grain feel after each swallow.

Light on the aroma, you really need to get your nose in the glass to detect the dominant tones. I pick up some toasted grain laced with honey—a favorite combination of mine. The cool, mellow consistency of Negra Modelo makes it an excellent pair with spicy Mexican foods, as well (something that I don't always find with other Mexican beers).

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