Trader Joe's Fan - Putting Spinach in your Diet

spinach.gifWinter is almost over, and if cabin fever has set in, you may want to try sprucing up your diet. Turn to spinach for your daily dose of greens. It is an important source of vitamins E and A, iron and calcium, and is also an antioxidant. Lucky for you, Trader Joe’s is well stocked with items that have spinach.

Keep it simple with Chicken Tandoori with Spinach ($2.49). Bites full of tender chicken, peas and blended spinach make up this delicious Indian dish. It heats up in just minutes in your microwave and gives you a plate full of healthy and tasty Tandoori.

The old standby: Classic Spinach Dip ($1.99). This Trader Joe’s take on a classic appetizer hits the bull’s eye. A delicious spinach dip that is perfect for chips, bread or anything else you’d like to spread it on.

Add some foreign flavor with TJ’s Spanakopita ($2.64). One of the classic Greek foods, Spanakopita at Trader Joe’s is both delicious and easy. Flaky filo dough, juicy spinach, and mouthwatering Greek cheeses will keep you reaching for more.

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