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mealsinminutes_symbol.gifThere are a lot of new things at Trader Joe's all the time but it's not every day foods come with a new symbol. The very latest are the Meals in Minutes which are entrées made from a combination of foods from 2 or more food groups and ready to heat and serve in 15 minutes or less, whether by microwave or oven.

But are they good?

Yes! At first glance, we wondered if they were a little too ambitious -- fresh packaged Moroccan Chicken? But they are indeed quick and tasty. Here are some of our picks. Try them for yourself and tell us what you think.

Chicken Vindaloo with Basmati Rice & Potato Cauliflower Korma

chicken_vindaloo_sm.gifFantastic! Great flavor worthy of being called "vindaloo" and nice chunks of meat. The cauliflower korma is quite tasty also and the three ingredients together truly superb.

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Grilled Chicken Meal

grilled_chicken_meal.gifGrilled chicken breast, potato wedges, green beans and carrots. It's pretty good. My kids liked it but didn't love it. I thought it was good. It sure made dinner easy. One word of warning: high in fat and calories, but hello... you are eating potato wedges.

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Chicken Marsala

chicken_masala_sm.gifBoneless chicken breast with a classic marsala sauce. I really like this a lot, though hubby not so much (got a ...meh). It's fresh tasting and flavorful. The sauce is delicious and I actually like the freedom to mix it with any side I want (and top with some sauce!)

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Moroccan Grilled Chicken

moroccan_grilled_chicken_sm.gifGrilled chicken breast, pine nut tabbouleh and spicy carrots. The spicy carrots are not so spicy but the entire meal is interesting, flavorful and satisfying.

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For a PDF list of Trader Joe's Meals in Minutes, click here.

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