Trader Joe's Fan - Puffins Contest Winner

We would like to thank Barbara's Bakery, the maker of Puffins® cereal for sponsoring this special contest on our site. We received over 500 exciting entries (cartoons, haikus, you name it!) so it was tough to pick the winners, but the folks at Barbara's Bakery did just that. In addition to the top 3 entries, we also have 2 honorable mentions who will also receive a prize from Trader Joe's Fan.

Grand Prize


The grand prize, a year's supply of Puffins cereal, goes to Mary L. who entered this clever cartoon. Good job, Mary!

Second Place

From Alison H:

"I prefer Puffins to muffins in multiple ways,they're full of crunch and fun to munch,and tasty for snack, lunch,any time of day!"

Third Place

From Linda S. -- Congrats!

Honorable Mention

"One bowl energizes me for a full morning hoping to sight puffins!"
From Cathy M.

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