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Yellow Roasted Tomato and Grilled Artichoke Salad


Why not add something different to the table this Thanksgiving? Imagine fresh yellow tomatoes, slow roasted to perfection and grilled artichoke marinated in an oregano and balsamic vinegar marinade paired with a vitamin and mineral powerhouse of southern greens topped with tangy goat cheese. Your guests will be impressed with the presentation and flavor of this perfectly delicious and healthy veggie side dish.  

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NEW Almondina Flavor -- Chocolate Cherry

choc_cherry_small.jpgSpring and summer is the time of year to get going! There isn’t a better time than now to start eating healthy and begin making choices that won’t pack on the pounds. If you are looking for a crunchy low calorie delicious cookie with all natural ingredients that’s also low in salt and full of roasted almonds, Almondina® Chocolate Cherry fits the bill.

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Special Thanksgiving 2009 Reviews and Recipes

thanksgivingspread_of_products_sm.jpgTrader Joe’s is your one stop shop for Thanksgiving. Here to share their favorite Thanksgiving buys at TJ’s are Deana Gunn and Wona Miniati, authors of “Cooking with All Things Trader Joe's” and “The Trader Joe's Companion: A Portable Cookbook.” “It’s easy to get overwhelmed when making a big meal, but a Thanksgiving feast really can be a stress-free and low fuss event,” says Deana, “you just need to plan your shopping list and take advantage of all those great time-saving products at Trader Joe’s.” Read on for some of their quick and easy recipes using shortcuts from Trader Joe’s.

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Halloween Pumpkin Quesadillas

halloween-pumpkin-quesadillas.jpgWe came across the COOLEST Halloween recipe featuring Trader Joe's Habanero Lime Flour Tortillas. With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, it really is the perfect appetizer for a party or just a really fun snack.

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The Infamous Trader Joes Song

tj_song.gif"It's milk, it's bread, it's the stuff on your list, it's the strange little snacks you end up buying instead... It's the stuff that's organic and the stuff that's not, it's the cars that won't fit in the parking lot..."

Hilarious, true, irresistibly Trader Joe's! And oh so catchy....

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Cheer Up With Glee Gum

newpaper.jpgWith the economy down, you may be feeling glum. But there’s a natural, inexpensive way to lift your spirits, and it’s waiting for you at Trader Joe’s: Glee Gum! Scientific studies have shown that chewing gum can reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Though times are tough and wallets lean, Glee Gum proves it’s still fun, easy, and affordable to go green.

Glee Gum is all-natural chewing gum with no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. While most gums are made entirely of synthetic (read: questionable and icky) materials, Glee Gum is filled with safe and familiar ingredients like rice syrup and pure cane sugar. Gluten-free, Feingold diet-approved, and certified vegetarian, Glee Gum is a natural choice for chewing.

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The Start to a Healthy Day

barbaras_logo.gifTrader Joe's is cereal paradise and two particular breakfast gems provide up to 90% of your daily wholegrain needs and are a good source of all-natural fiber in every serving. Yes, we know you love the Puffins, but you'll also love Barbara's line of Shredded cereals, and Trader Joe's carries both the Shredded Oats as well as the Shredded Spoonfuls. Plus, You will be doing yourself and your environment some good! Barbara's Shredded Cereals are a major supporter of the National Wildlife Refuge Association (, a non-profit organization working to protect our 100 million acres of refuge land in the US. And this month, we introduce their all-expense paid sweepstakes to win a trip to the Kenai Wildlife Refuge in Alaska for 4 people!

10 Great Mini Gifts from Trader Joes

stuffers_group.jpgFrom chocoholics to the eco-friendly, we selected 10 special items you can pick up last-minute at Trader Joe's for practically anyone. Best of all, they are all under $5, but hurry and stock up! Some of these items are seasonal.

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Hearts&Minds Peanut Butter with Olive Oil and Omega-3

heartsandminds_logo.jpgWe all know how hard it is to get our families and even ourselves to eat as well as we would like. What if we could find some of the foods that we love to eat, made better for us and still taste great? That’s exactly what Hearts&Minds has done. They use heart-healthy olive oil to replace 40% of the peanut oil and 100mg per serving of EPA/DHA, the omega-3’s important for heart and brain health, to make one of the best tasting peanut butters you will ever try.

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Josephs Lite Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

cookie_packaging_with_stack.gifBreak up with your old dessert because watching calories doesn’t have to mean restriction. Whether you are tailoring your menu to accommodate weight loss, general health, or a medical condition, Joseph’s Lite Cookies has you covered. Joseph’s Lite boasts 13 different varieties of sugar free cookies along with a growing variety of other healthy, natural treats.

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The delicious crunch of Almondina® Biscuits is like no other gourmet treat. This extraordinary thin, crispy cookie, packed with roasted almonds and a variety of fruits and spices, is based on Grandma Dina's unique family recipe for Le Petit Gateu Sec. Almondina is a Four-Time NASFT Award Winner in the Best Cookie and Outstanding Classic Categories. 

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The delicious crunch of Almondina® Biscuits is like no other gourmet treat. Thalmondina_bowl.gifis extraordinary thin, crispy cookie, packed with roasted almonds and a variety of fruits and spices, is based on Grandma Dina's unique family recipe for Le Petit Gateu Sec. Almondina is a Four-Time NASFT Award Winner in the Best Cookie and Outstanding Classic Categories 

Almondina cookies contain:
No Added Fat or Salt*
No Preservative
No Cholesterol
All Natural Ingredients


This month, our recipe contest is sponsored by Almondina. The winner receives a gift box created especially for the person who loves variety. Almondina's® Assorted 8-Cookie Gift Box includes two bags of The Original and one bag each of six other delicious flavors, all packed in a beautiful gift box with a ribbon.


You will enjoy trying them all!  

Be sure to stop by your local Trader Joe's Grocery Store to pick up any one of these crunchy cookies! 

View all of Almondina's products at:

Click here to learn more about entering the recipe contest.

Latin American Inspiration

toucan.jpgIn celebration of our partnership with Caravan Tours this month, and their very generous, exclusive to 2009 TRIP FOR TWO GIVEAWAY, we reflect on the rich cultures, flavors and spices of Latin America and show you how you can experience some of the dishes and tastes here at home from Trader Joes.

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Organic Gardening and the Secret of BIG Pumpkins

giant_pumpkin.gifOctober means Halloween and Halloween means pumpkins. If you are anything like me, you look forward to picking the very handsomest, the very biggest pumpkin for the perfect jack-o-lantern. But step away from that overflowing bin at Trader Joes and think bigger… MUCH bigger.

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Cooking Healthy With Salsa

salsa_sm.jpgIt’s not just for chips anymore! Trader Joe’s carries a wide variety of fresh salsas as well as bottled salsas that can be used to add flavor to so many dishes. Tomato-based fresh salsas are usually lower in sodium than bottled. Two tablespoons of the fresh salsas offered at Trader Joe’s range from 5 to 10 calories, 0 fat, and 80 to 240 mg sodium per serving. If you are watching your sodium, make sure that you choose the lower-sodium fresh Pico de Gallo (80 mg) or the Mild Salsa (90 mg).

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lentils.jpgHealth magazine has selected lentils as one of the five healthiest foods. They are often mixed with grains, such as rice, which results in a complete protein dish. They have a hearty, rich, nutty flavor that holds up to the addition of varied seasonings. Lentils have often been used in soups, but can also be eaten hot or cold, as a main entrée or in salads or side dishes. They are very popular in French, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine.

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