Trader Joe's Fan - The Start to a Healthy Day

barbaras_logo.gifTrader Joe's is cereal paradise and two particular breakfast gems provide up to 90% of your daily wholegrain needs and are a good source of all-natural fiber in every serving. Yes, we know you love the Puffins, but you'll also love Barbara's line of Shredded cereals, and Trader Joe's carries both the Shredded Oats as well as the Shredded Spoonfuls. Plus, You will be doing yourself and your environment some good! Barbara's Shredded Cereals are a major supporter of the National Wildlife Refuge Association (, a non-profit organization working to protect our 100 million acres of refuge land in the US. And this month, we introduce their all-expense paid sweepstakes to win a trip to the Kenai Wildlife Refuge in Alaska for 4 people!

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