Trader Joe's Fan - Josephs Lite Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

cookie_packaging_with_stack.gifBreak up with your old dessert because watching calories doesn’t have to mean restriction. Whether you are tailoring your menu to accommodate weight loss, general health, or a medical condition, Joseph’s Lite Cookies has you covered. Joseph’s Lite boasts 13 different varieties of sugar free cookies along with a growing variety of other healthy, natural treats.

joseph_and_logo.gifDiagnosed with diabetes at age nine, Joseph Semprevivo was inspired to create the first sugar free ice cream on the market. Three years later, he launched the "Top-selling Sugar-Free Cookie". Selling through local establishments, he has grown Joseph’s Lite Cookies so that his yummy treats are available throughout the United States.

So what’s the secret behind these award winning cookies? Simply put, they are truly good for you. With the ingredient list mirroring items like those in your own pantry and not a lab, rest assured these cookies will treat your body right. Joseph’s Lite is the only cookie in the world to be endorsed and recommended by the National Diabetes Outreach.

When I get a craving for sweets, I want real taste without the calories. Joseph’s Lite are sweetened with an all-natural sugar alternative (Malitol) that has all the flavor you want from a cookie – without the chemical aftertaste.

Trader Joes sure knows a good thing when they see it, and proudly present Chocolate Chip goodness ready for the taking. So, before you hurriedly pass the cookie displays, reach for a bag of Joseph’s Lite Chocolate Chip Cookies and dig right in.

Visit the Online Store to try the Sugar Free Cookie Puffs, Cakes & Brownies, Syrup & Sweetener, and Peanut Butter. If you’re looking for fat free, there are also three kinds of these. Eating smart while satisfying a craving has never been so easy!

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