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Yellow Roasted Tomato and Grilled Artichoke Salad


Why not add something different to the table this Thanksgiving? Imagine fresh yellow tomatoes, slow roasted to perfection and grilled artichoke marinated in an oregano and balsamic vinegar marinade paired with a vitamin and mineral powerhouse of southern greens topped with tangy goat cheese. Your guests will be impressed with the presentation and flavor of this perfectly delicious and healthy veggie side dish.  

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NEW Almondina Flavor -- Chocolate Cherry

choc_cherry_small.jpgSpring and summer is the time of year to get going! There isn’t a better time than now to start eating healthy and begin making choices that won’t pack on the pounds. If you are looking for a crunchy low calorie delicious cookie with all natural ingredients that’s also low in salt and full of roasted almonds, Almondina® Chocolate Cherry fits the bill.

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Special Thanksgiving 2009 Reviews and Recipes

thanksgivingspread_of_products_sm.jpgTrader Joe’s is your one stop shop for Thanksgiving. Here to share their favorite Thanksgiving buys at TJ’s are Deana Gunn and Wona Miniati, authors of “Cooking with All Things Trader Joe's” and “The Trader Joe's Companion: A Portable Cookbook.” “It’s easy to get overwhelmed when making a big meal, but a Thanksgiving feast really can be a stress-free and low fuss event,” says Deana, “you just need to plan your shopping list and take advantage of all those great time-saving products at Trader Joe’s.” Read on for some of their quick and easy recipes using shortcuts from Trader Joe’s.

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