Trader Joe's Fan - Chicken Mojito with Cuban Black Bean and Rice
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1 agree 100% that it is delicious. Baraka, did you taste the demo the Simi Valley TJ?

Simi Valley Trader Joe's ROCKS!!
I sure did get this recipe from the Simi Valley demo counter!! Added it right into my mix of wonderful recipes made at that Trader Joes. :-) I feel sorry for those that their stores don't cook and just heat up items from the store.

Forgot some ingredients, but still tasted great!
I made a very similar recipe:

TJ's grilled chicken strips (already cooked)
1/2 bottle TJ's Cuban Mojito Simmer Sauce
2 bags of TJ's Organic Brown Rice (frozen ones)
Chedder Cheese Crumbles

Heat chicken in skillet with EVOO. Add 1/2 bottle of Cuban Mojito Simmer Sauce. Simmer for about 5 minutes.

Cook rice according to directions (3 mins. in microwave).

Add chicken mixture to a bed of rice. Top with cilantro and cheddar cheese crumbles.

This was excellent. But I am definitely looking forward to trying the original recipe.

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