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WOW! This is addictive!
I have sampled this several times. I like it the best so far of any coffee I've ever had, period.

It is a deep, deep roast--the can says it's their deepest, deeper even than espresso. It's got a complexity of flavors that just blooms. I'm not a coffee critic, so I can't identify all the flavors, but it is sweet, intense, and so good I will gladly drink so much I shouldn't have another drop. The beans are oily-oily, they are so fresh. My TJ sometimes can't keep this on the shelf. And I've read in some blogs that it's the coffee version of (insert name of illegal substance here).

It is great just from the sampling station, but I brought some home for my new Aeropress coffee press, which I think TJ's should carry if they carry anything at all (like wine bottle openers for wine). In the Aeropress it's unbelievable. And I'm not someone who drinks much coffee, mostly because most coffee just isn't very good. It makes great crema in the Aeropress, which is supposedly difficult. I make it espresso-strength, where it is terrific; then, as recommended from the coffeemaker's instruction book, I add hot water so it's "American" style coffee. It's wonderful either way.

I hope they carry this forever!

I would never normally buy coffee this dark, but I sampled it in the store and it was so delicious that I immediately put a container in my cart.

GREAT for espresso machines
I have a Miele super automatic espresso machine and this stuff is unbelievably fabulous for my machine. Rich, dark, chocolaty with no hint of bitterness whatsoever. If TJ's EVER discontinues carrying this brand I will personally track down the buyer and beat them into submission!

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