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Love it
I love it, even though it's $1.50, not $0.99, at least here in NYC!

I first found Tejava out in CA, where it's distributed in most supermarkets in smaller single serve bottles for a bit more than $1.50 a bottle. Even at those prices, it's amazing...sort of a fine wine of teas. At TJ's prices/sizes, you can't beat it.

Purists will tell you to drink it straight, I tend to commit the sacrilege of lightly sweetening it, maybe 3.5 or so teaspoons of Sugar in the Raw per bottle.

--Andy, confessed tea fiend
ooftus goofusby

Great tea,tastes home-brewed.No sugar needed,just a little fresh lemon.Good chilled with or without ice.Great when you are having guests and dont trust your ability to make good iced tea,just pour into glasses,add a lemon wedge,they`ll never know.
Trader Keby

Best tea
Yeah it's great; however, I drink this stuff like it's water so it ends up getting pretty expensive for me. Still worth it though! It's 1.19 per bottle over here.

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