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Honeybush Tea

This is an herbal tea similar to the better known Rooibos, which Trader Joe's also sells. I never took to Rooibos which never satisfyed my taste buds and had a mild, unwanted sedative effect on me. ...

It is the best baged green tea we have found - and about 1/2 the price of anything in the supermarket.

Chocolate Decaf Tea

This could be a train wreck of flavors. Instead, it is a wonderful blend of indugently rich flavors! It's a deep chocolate note, with overtones of coconut and vanilla-- a little tea there, but not mu ...

DAquino Organic Coffee

100% Arabica espresso coffee from organic farming.

White Tea

It's hard to find white tea in bags, and this is quite good quality. I recommend steeping for 3 minutes, because the flavor is more subtle than green tea, so making it strong helps.

Coffee K-Cups Medium Roast

Yay! I can finally buy k-cups in Trader Joe's! The coffee is delicious - medium roast 100% Arabica - and such a good price. It says on the box that they work with Keurig k-cup machines and I have had ...

At only 70 calories and organic, this is the best tasting hot cocoa I've had in years! Great with Trader Joe's Vanilla flavored soy milk. $3.99/20 servings. What a great value. Please don't ever d ...

Chai - No Sugar Added

This is a rare powdered chai mix that has no sugar added, so you can sweeten to your liking. The flavor is great, with plenty of cinnamon and cloves, but I did have trouble getting it to dissolve com ...

Tanzania Small Lot Coffee

Take your taste buds on a journey throughout Tanzania’s Southern Highlands, home of the finest coffee farms in this small African nation, which is located south of Kenya and north of Mozambique. These ...

Vanilla Almond Spiced Chai

Trader Joe's ultimate East-meets-West beverage: black tea brewed according to Indian tradition (with plenty of aromatic spices) and served according to British tradition (with plenty of milk and sugar ...

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