Trader Joe's Fan - Organic Five Country Espresso Blend
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5 Country Espresso
I fully disagree with EmbraceLife's opinion...I think this Espresso has a very rich quality that's very hard to find in espresso. Quite frankly, I find it to be AMAZING. I've been buying all kinds of beans for my machine, from Illy to several online fresh roasters. NOTHING I've found to date do I enjoy as much as this Trader Joe's 5 Country Espresso Blend. It's quite simply a dark blend that is very full bodied yet smooth, not bitter...with a good/ok crema and a very nice caramel'ish flavor. I sure hope they never discontinue this product. I quite honestly can't think of what I'd do if it were gone! 5 Stars IMO. My family no longer likes Starbucks/Peets. They all line up in the kitchen in the morning, waiting for the Rancilio and TJ's 5 Country Espresso Blend. NO, I don't work for TJ's.

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