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tj fanaticby

My New Favorite
I love dark roasts but it seems like a lot of the time that dark roast coffees are too dark - the "almost burned" flavor becomes the dominant thing on my tongue.

I've brewed 4-5 cups now on my trusty Saeco and this coffee is totally different. It's a dark roast but I can taste all sorts of flavors when I drink it. Definitely my new favorite. Hope the next can is the same.

It's OK
I like dark roast coffees because they tend to be less acidic and more smooth than lighter roasts, but this coffee still had quite a bit of acidity. It would be a great coffee for those people looking for something a bit richer than the usual stuff without the traditional dark roast taste, but it wasn't what I personally like in a coffee.
tj fanaticby

A Rich Taste
following up on August's definitely has a rich taste - a complex taste that lingers in the mouth. No flat taste and no over-roasted taste. I love it.

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