Trader Joe's Fan - Savory Broths Reduced Sodium Concentrates
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No more wasting stock
These little packs of broth are perfect for cooking. No more will you buy a 32oz container of stock, use 8 oz. for a recipe, then let it rot in the fridge. Each pack makes 1 cup of stock. The beef is delicious, I use it when making pot roast or stew.

Vegetable Broth great for vegetarians
The Vegetable Savory Broth Concentrate is fabulous. Since becoming vegetarian, I have had a hard time cooking with broth since it all seems to taste like carrots to me. This broth, however, is a nice blend of vegetables and has a bit of a soy or tamari taste to me although it does not contain these as ingredients. Costs about $4 for 12 tubes of concentrate that you simply mix with a cup of warm water. Now I can make a little bit of a whole bunch at once without wasting so much.

it was ok
I used the chicken flavor and honestly thought my herb ox brand was much better.It just sits in my cabinet now.

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