Trader Joe's Fan - Roasted Red Pepper Soup
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I crave this stuff! Great flavor, low in fat and supper yummy.

Tasty, but high sodium scares me!
This is a wonderful rainy day treat. When I fist discovered it, I was eating it every day, but kept feeling sluggish. It's all the sodium...bloats me right up. It's still a wonderful treat, but must be balanced with fresh veggies and a nice low-salt bread.

Are you sure it's not roasted TOMATO soup?
I bought this without reading the ingredients on the label. I love roasted red peppers! Anyway, I made myself a cup and I took a sip and blech! It tasted like tomato soup! After looking at the label, I knew why - tomato is the "base" for this soup. Oh well, I'll know better next time. I'm sure it's yummy - if you also like tomato soup.

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