Trader Joe's Fan - Instant Miso Soup
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tj addictby

Good snack
It makes a good mid-afternoon snack. The packets are perfect for storing in my desk at work!

Delicious and good source of vegetarian protein
I agree, this miso rivals the stuff you get at good Japanese restaurants. It's also a good source of vegetarian protein and an excellent lunch.

Thanks, Jo
Based on your and your daughter's enthusiasm, I actually made a trip to TJ's *just* to buy a box of Instant Miso Soup. You are, without qualification, absolutely correct. It is subperb, rivals restaurant quality, and the quality of the dried tofu and onion are such that intantly upon adding the hot water, they turn vibrant green and moist as if they were fresh. This is as good as the soup I purchase for $2.00 a bowl at the local sushi bar, for lunch. Now, I have the packets in my desk and I'm going back tonight for another box. I plan to cut up more tofu and perhaps some prawns to add next time, for a healthy lunch soup. Thanks, Jo and Daughter!

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