Trader Joe's Fan - Turkey Gravy
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not impressed
I wasn't expecting this to taste anything like homemade, but it was still disappointing. The consistency is pretty runny, and I didn't find that it tasted like turkey at all.

Truly Awful
I just trusted that a TJ's product would be great and didn't try the gravy before using it. It has a very 'off' taste and needed lots of doctoring to make it usable. Never again!

Way better than packaged mixes
When the mood hits for turkey gravy and you aren't roasting a turkey, this gravy hits the spot! It has a great texture, not too "gloppy" or thick with a real turkey taste. And the price is excellent as well. Only a buck and change! Great to have on hand and even better when you can add some turkey drippings to enhance that fabulous flavor. Jars and packages don't stand a chance against this one

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