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The Blank Canvas
This stuffing is somewhat boring on its own, however, once you add your favorite fixin's to it, it rocks! We added chestnuts, cranberries, green apple, and TJ's precooked sweet Italian Pork sausage (diced up the links). MMmmm...yummy.

A starter, not a star
I agree with daytimer. On its own, it's quite dull. There is not a pronounced sage flavor (a con, in my book), and it's mostly herby with a lot of dried onion flakes. This is no better or worse than typical store bought stuffing mixes. We used in a turkey and stuffing casserole and it was just okay. We didn't dislike it, but we won't buy it again. For the rest of the box we still have, we plan to spruce it up with sausage, more sage, celery, and such, and in that case, it will be fine.

It may seem silly, but stuffing/dressing is a very personal matter to a lot of people. Families have their recipes passed down through the generations. Ask 100 people how they make stuffing and you will get nearly 100 different answers!

I think TJ was genius in keeping this mix simple - and then letting you know that you are safe to get creative with it in any way that you like. ... This is really going to appeal to people who are skeptical of a box mix (or people who are on a low sodium diet who are fearful).

This mix is the perfect base! I added sauteed onions and celery and chicken stock instead of water. It was REALLY GOOD! Next time I might try it a different way. That is the beauty of this mix ... it is JUST A BASE!!

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