Trader Joe's Fan - Trader Joses Carne Asada Autentica
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it's good stuff
But we also like the pollo asada too. Using either cut up and put on tacos or enchiladas is also yummy!

I bought this thinking it would be thinly sliced, as described, and/or at least in pieces, like the chicken. It wasn't, it was WHOLE. It says Trader Joe's Carne Asada on it, and it was from the fresh meat case, so what the heck? I got a major single hunk of beef (and a ton of fatty tendons and cling on pieces which needed major trimming). I bet I lost half to trimming away the silvery tendon and fatty parts hanging on, and I was annoyed.

??? should look more carefully
The previous reviewer complained because their carne asada came as a single hunk of beef. TJ's sells both a carne asada roast as well as the sliced versions so the buyer needs to examine the package to see which one it is. It should be obvious that the single hunk was too solid to be a package of sliced meat.

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