Trader Joe's Fan - Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Sausage
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Good but spicy
I enjoy these as well. I normally lean toward the other flavors: sweet Italian sausage, garlic, etc., as Jalapeno can get a little spicy for me personally. I used to love hot and spicy food, but have toned it down in the past few years and prefer the milder stuff.

My favorite sausage
This is my favorite sausage - Trader Joe's or otherwise. It's a nice, quick bit of protein to pack in the lunchbox, is great mixed into rice and beans and makes a great "hot dog." Yes, it does have a nick kick to it. But that's great for me. My husband won't eat spicy stuff, so I know that what I buy will be there waiting for me when I want to grab some from the fridge.

These are great!
Tasty on a bun or sliced with beans & rice. Great amount of spice, and very moist. Really simple to heat on the Foreman as well.

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