Trader Joe's Fan - Organic Mango Acai Juice
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A bit too sweet for me
I'm not sure if it's the mango or the other ingredients, but this juice isn't one of my favorites. It's a bit... too sweet. Very good for you, however, so it may be worth continuing to buy it. I'd recommend anyone try it once to see if they agree because it's so rare to find juice with acai in it at a decent price.

SOOOOOO good!!!
Absolutely LOVED this juice!! Its kind of thick, but VERY refreshing. I actually put it in a blender with a bunch of ice and it made a beyond delicious smoothie type drink, my husband is obsessed with this juice too, he always requests it. SOOOOOOO yummy!!! Oh, and its packed with antioxidents! Fabulous! I HIGHLY recommend!

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