Trader Joe's Fan - Fresh Lemonade
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Great stuff
I'm a huge fan. it really hits the spot after a hot afternoon gardening in southern california. Highly recommend!
Zed The Mercifulby

Great product
One of the best lemondes I've had, and I'm old! Yes, a bit sweet, but sweetened with real cane sugar. Unfortunately, here on the East coast it's only available in the summer months. One of my customers told me that it freezes well right in the carton? I plan on trying that soon. It would be really nice to have a glass of "summer", when the snow is flying.

Yes, you can freeze it
I buy cartons of this at a time, as well as cartons of the light lemonade from a competing brand in the regular supermarket. I freeze them laying down in my chest freezer. I've done it for years.

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