Trader Joe's Fan - Valencia Peanut Butter with Roasted Flaxseeds
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the best!
Just after I became addicted to this peanut butter our Santa Fe Trader Joe's no longer carries it! Let's start a campaign to bring it back!

My Favorite Nut Butter!
This is definitely my favorite nut butter out of all the ones that Trader Joe's sells. Since it is made with Valencia nuts it has that little bit of sweetness, plus you get the added Omega3 from the flax. Absolutely wonderful!

A Trader Joe's employee suggested I step out of the box and try this roasted flaxseed peanut butter. It is perfect! I love PB that sticks to the roof of my mouth and isn't slimy and too sweet, like the big name brands at other stores. You absolutely have to try this!

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