Trader Joe's Fan - Better n Peanut Butter
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Was ok but not the real thing
It's definitely not the real deal but has a sweet and different texture. If you are watching your fat and calories then this may be a good substitute but I'm a big peanut butter fan and it's not the same at all.

How does it compare to the Sunflower butter?
Anyone ever tried both and know?

Not Better
I am a peanut butter enthusiast, meaning I like the ingredients to read as peanuts and salt, nothing else. I still open-mindedly tried this and it was awful. There is barely a hint of peanut flavor b/c it is heavily sweetened and the texture is really wierd. Buy the real thing, you'll be satisfied, plus fat isn't a bad thing.
To tjluva, I tried the sunflower butter, which is too sweet for my preference as well, but it tastes better than the Better N' Peanut Butter. Try the almond butter or both, remember TJ's have a no hassle return policy.

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