Trader Joe's Fan - French Liquid Soap
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Nice pleasant scent
Surprisingly... my husband brought this home. He needed to make a stop at the restroom at TJ's and said it was at the sink (nice demo!) He liked the scent, so he brought it home. It's not too floral, not too sweet. Rinses clean (no funny film) and the pump works great. It's not the cheapest soap they sell, but a good quality soap worth seeking out.

French Liquid Soap
It may not exactly be cheap, but then we all know using a lot of soap does not mean you get any cleaner. I use a small, pea-sized amount and I still get lots of lather. My hands are clean, soft, and smell just heavenly. Does rinse very clean, no film. I also like the Clary Sage scent. Definitely worth the price. I'm even thinking of giving these as gifts. Perfect kitchen or bathroom sized bottles.

10 out of 10
I agree, this is the best smelling hand soap I've ever used and while some leave your hands dry, this leaves a smooth soft feeling after using it. Great stuff!

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