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Trying it Out
I just bought this product tonight. I have seen other similar cleanse/detox products, but have been wary over their effect on my body, since I work 5 days/week. After reading the other posts/reviews on this product, I am more confident that it will not impose on my daily life. I will keep you all updated on my liking of this product.
P.S. I gave it a rating of "Good" since I haven't actually tried it yet. I will update my rating once I have completed the regimen.

trader joe's body cleanse
as others have said, a 2 week detox is pretty mild. the biggest issue with it is the stuff you can't eat. so leaving that stuff out, there were a few days at the beginning that were a little, uh, stinky... but overall it was a totally good cleanse. the one thing i let myself have during the cleanse was dark chocolate. i honestly felt i would kill someone if i could not have it... one small piece after lunch and then one after dinner. there was some nastiness coming out of me at about day 4 and about day 8, but otherwise it was totally easy. i am single with no kids, and i imagine if i had been cooking for a family it would have been HARD... but overall, it was a great detox...friends said my skin and hair looked good during.... i wholeheartedly support the detox. TJ's suggests it no more than 4 times a year, and i look forward to my future detox'es with gusto.

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