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D Hostessby

A Quick Muffin Recipe
Gently mix equal parts of Sorbet with TJ's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix until just combined. Scoop into lined mini muffin cups and bake at 350 for about 12-16 minutes. These are tasty and sooo easy! They are best when eaten right away.

this is a staple in our household. we love the raspberry flavor. it's a delicious dessert that fulfills cravings for something sweet pretty nicely.

The BEST sorbet on the market
I absolutely LOVE Sharon's sorbets. The Raspberry and Lemon are always stocked in my freezer. They are the perfect light dessert, and lovely with the two flavors combined. I do with TJ's would bring back the Double Rainbow Chocolate sorbet though, because mixing that with Sharon's raspberry or coconut was heaven!

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