Trader Joe's Fan - Gnocchi alla Sorrentina
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chicken and gnocchi
I saute some chicken chunks in garlic oil, take them out of the pan or wok, put in the gnocchi and sauce and cook according directions (fast and easy); when it's done (just a few minutes) throw in a handful of frozen peas and return the chicken to the pan; mix it all up, grate some cheese on top and you have a fast and delicious one-dish meal.

Fluffy and Delicious!
Just tried these last week; they're the best storebought Gnocchi I've ever had. The texture was delicate, and the flavor was incredible. No sauce needed for these. If you want a topping, add a little TJ's olive oil and a bit of fresh grated parmesan. I'll be trying tvoz's recipe above soon. Sounds great!

Yummy & quick!
It's bad to shop at TJ's when you're hungry. These just about leaped out of the freezer into my cart and I'm glad they did. The checkout clerk said they were her favorite and now they're mine! WOW! In less than 10 minutes I had a delicious lunch and now I'm addicted! These are GOOD - REALLY Good!

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