Trader Joe's Fan - Dark Sweet Cherries
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My boyfriend can't live without these
My boyfriend is in love with these frozen cherries. He uses them in smoothies, in his oatmeal and on his cereal. Every time we go to TJ's we buy two.

Love Them!!!
I love them right out of the bag!!. They are so sweet and taste kinda like dessert when trying to watch your diet. Highly recommended!!

My Favorite Dessert
I use these in all kinds of ways, but my favorite is just to sit down with a bowlful. If you heat them in the microwave, it's like hot cherry pie without the crust. It's hard to believe they're unsweetened; I don't miss the sugar at all.

Sometimes I mix a cup of the dark sweet cherries and a cup of steel-cut oats with a quart of water in the Crockpot and cook overnight on low. It looks odd (purple oatmeal), but it's tasty and reheats well, so I can make one batch and breakfast off it for several days.

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