Trader Joe's Fan - Low Fat French Toast
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I second Jovanna
These are tasty and healthy, but they do need syrup and maybe a little butter to bring the flavah... If TJ's reworked this, I'd want it with a little more cinnamon taste, or maybe a raisin version.

Well, It Is Whole-Grain :)
I like this product. I'd rather have it than frozen waffles. I like the body that the whole-grain bread gives this French toast. Yes, syrup is needed, but that's not a problem, IMO. :)

We love this!
My 3 yr old son eats a slice of this every morning. Don't think it's dry at all, we eat it plain, no syrup or butter, and love it. Have started buying multiple boxes at a time because my store is out of it a lot.

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