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Found 'Em
After reading Katz' review, I had to try and find the buns in Sacramento, CA. I couldn't find them. I hunted and hunted in the bakery section and finally determined we just didn't have them in our area.

Then, last night, I was in the frozen aisle and there they were -- FROZEN Seeded Rolls from Germany. Not BAKERY section, for those who may be hunting also.

They are terrific. My employers are from Germany and they've often said they miss Brotchen rolls. I saw these were made in Germany, so I bought them and this morning we had them for breakfast, with butter, and they pronounced them "excellent."

They are moist (not like the hockey puck rolls TJ's sometimes sells) and square, and the perfect size for a lunch sandwich.

Better than any other
Friends told us about these seeded rolls and we tried them for dinner one night. Oh wow, they are amazing. We keep them in our freezer from now on.

So good ... they are gone for good?
I also enjoyed these for the short time TJ's kept them around. I was told they were discontinued to make room for new items. I hope the new items are as tasty. Having these seeded rolls was almost as good as having German bakery in my local TJ's. Auf Wiedersehen, seeded rolls.

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