Trader Joe's Fan - 100% Desert Mesquite Honey
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Honey for my Honey
I'm not a honey fan, but I do occasionally use it in cooking. My husband, however, practically eats it by the spoonful (with peanut butter in whatever sickeningly sweet concoction he's creating) and he's quite pleased with this product. Also like the no-mess dispenser William mentioned.

Love the smoky flavor!
One of my favorite honeys of al time. The lightly sweet and smoky flavor is wonderful in homemade salad dressing for a grilled steak or chicken salad.

tj pricing?
this is a great tasting honey that is wonderful over a bowl of tj's steel cut oats along with a fresh banana and a glass of tj's oj.

i've just been confused about the pricing at my local store. the 4oz bottle shown was 3.99, the 8oz can was 8.99 (i would buy two 4oz to save). now the 4oz is 4.69.

i've noticed that prices easily jump up and down and don't seem to make sense on some products, whereas the oj is consistently 1.99 which is great.

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