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These are their newest bars. These bars are terrific - only real ingredients, no junk - 160 cals. The chocolate really tastes like a walnut brownie.

Category:Breakfast, Bars

I really cant buy these anymore - Its too dangerous :) they are so delicious - much better that the ones at Balducci's - and about 1/8 the price

We love the chocolate cat cookies but the Ginger are a standout - very sharp ginger flavor

All good ingredients - great taste - low cal

Category:Breakfast, Bars

This is a great product - add to sauces, put directly over meats, marinades, etc

It is the best baged green tea we have found - and about 1/2 the price of anything in the supermarket.

Category:Tea, Coffee

doesn't look too good in the frozen bag, but my teens say its just like the restaurant version - you just need to add the lettuce Great quick snack or light meal


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