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Curried Chicken Salad

Awesome authentic curry flavor here. You can turn it into a big salad with the balsamic dressing poured on, or eat the chicken salad on pita bread, and have the greens on the side. My favorite lunc ...

Category:Dairy Case

What a great package – the single-serving size comes with little bin of honey, which is perfect to sweeten the plain yogurt. The consistency is different from American yogurt, but it's better -- thic ...

Category:Dairy Case
Edamame - Fully Cooked

These are not organic, but they are delicious and require no cooking. I just thaw them in little ziploc bags and add some cajun seasoning. Great for brown-bag lunches.

Green Tea with Jasmine

Get the health benefits of green tea, with a nice jasmine aroma. The jasmine offsets the "vegetal" taste of the green tea.

Category:Tea, Coffee
Oatmeal Cranberry Dunkers

So crispy that you can dunk them without fear! TJ took the biscotti idea and gave it a nice twist.

Multi-Grain and Seed Loaf

This is exactly what TJ's does best -- makes something so delicious that you can't believe it's also super-healthy. Toasting brings out all the great flavors of this nutty-flavored artisan bread.

Brown Rice Medley

A blend of long-grain brown rice, black barley and daikon radish seeds. An unusual combination that only Joe's could invent! But it's a great medley.

Spicy Black Bean Chips

Because these chips are made with black beans, they are thicker and more substantial than others. But they also have less fat. Spicy too!

Pizza Sauce

Rich Italian flavor in this classic sauce. We use it on TJ's herb pizza dough and it's a great combo.

Lara Bar - Ginger Snap Flavor

Lara Bars are different because they're made with totally raw foods, and they don't have the soy found in other bars. If you like ginger, this Ginger Snap flavor is fantastic. It's dense and nutty t ...

Category:Breakfast, Bars

This is in the refigerated section -- microwavable. One heck of a bargain, since it was very meaty (not stuffed with filler). Very oniony flavor. Would be great with garlic mashed potatoes.

Panko-breaded Tilapia Filets

These filets come out SO crispy! The fish has a very mild flavor. Great with TJ's tartar sauce.

Cheddar Cheese Squares (Crackers)

Made with real cheddar cheese, so they're a bit sharper than the big name brand version. Addicting!

Spinach and Mushroom Quiche

This quiche has a nice mushroomy flavor. And the spinach comes through as well. My favorite is still the Mexican quiche, but this comes in second.

Chocolate-Covered Sunflower Seeds

These were…well… interesting. At first your taste buds think “oh, M&Ms!” But then the sunflower taste (and saltiness) comes through and you get a whole different flavor. I love other types of cho ...

Mexican Quiche

This quiche has a nice cheesy flavor and a few green chiles to accent the taste.

Chocolate Madeleines

Little French "cookies" that have the soft texture of cake. I was expecting more of a fudge taste, but these have just a mild chocolate flavor, with buttery overtones.

Triple Berry Bran Muffin Mix

For a low-fat muffin (150 calories each, after you make them), these are darn good! The bran is oat bran, not wheat bran.

White Tea

It's hard to find white tea in bags, and this is quite good quality. I recommend steeping for 3 minutes, because the flavor is more subtle than green tea, so making it strong helps.

Category:Tea, Coffee
Spearean Risotto

The asparagus tips stay crispy in this risotto, and you just microwave to prepare. If you love asparagus, you'll love this rice that's infused with its flavor.


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