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Another great snack. All natural raisins and assortment of nuts. Great!!!


Garlic, basil and parsley. Great for cooking, easy and tasty!!! A definite must try!!


I have always made my own crusts. I started trying prepared crusts, but until we tried Trader Joe's, we never found any comparable to homemade. My husband has said we can always use this pie crust. I ...


We have been buying this for quite a while. My husband loves it and it is supposed to be very good for you, a must try!!!

Category:Juices, Soda

This was delicious. All my friends loved it. It was very light and tasty. A must try.

This product is great for soft skin. It smells great too. I use it every day.

Category:Health, Beauty

I had this for the first time the other night with a little honey. It was so relaxing. Best of all - natural with no caffeine.

Category:Tea, Coffee

When we play cards, we like to snack and this is a great snack. It is a mix between salt and sweet. Nuts and candy.

I was in Trader Joe's yesterday and they had this cheddar and horseradish cheese spread for a sample. It was delicious! I bought one and it is already gone. It is a nice mixture of cheddar and horsera ...

Category:Dairy Case

This is a liquid hand soap scented orange blossom honey. It is so nice and leaves your hands nice and soft. I've had many compliments on it from my friends and family. I love it.

Category:Health, Beauty
Divine Duets

These are very sweet belgian milk chocolate sticks with almond praline cream. Great Combination for those of you who have a real sweet tooth.

These were an excellent and different kind of snack. They were wontons with chinese mustard. It was a great alternative to potato chips. They had just the right amount of zing and not too hot.

I mixed this with a can of coconut milk and poured over chicken cutlets in a crock pot. Served it with angel hair pasta and it tasted really good!

Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Dip

This is the best we have ever tasted. Better than any restaurant. From freezer to microwave to table. Serve with the mango torilla chips. Easy and flavorful.


I had this for breakfast, it was microwavable which made it fit into my time. The crust was flaky and the broccoli and cheese flavor was great. A must try.

Blueberry Waffles

These were found in the frozen section. They are 8 whole wheat waffles sweetened with fruit juice and blueberries. Top it off with Trader Joe's maple syrup and you have a winner. Great breakfast meal.

Category:Breakfast, Bars

If you like fresh beets but don't like the work it takes to cook and peel them, then these are for you. They are already cooked. All you need to do is microwave them or cook them in a bag in boiling w ...

Category:Dairy Case

This was right on with the regular brand I normally buy. Some on my friends thought it should have more salt. I thought it was perfect!!!

My husband makes his own guacamole which is great! He also orders it at our favorite Mexican restaurant all the time. This product I found at Trader Joes is exactly like the one my husband makes witho ...

Category:Dairy Case

I sampled this at the Trader Joe's store the other day and was I impressed. It was great and refreshing.

Category:Juices, Soda

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