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Approximately 15-20 slices of prosciutto for a very reasonable price. Very versatile in salads, appetizers, and other plates.

Spicy Smoky Peach Salsa

12 oz of pure goodness. Peach flavored with a great kick. Semi-sweet, semi-tart with smoky flavors.

True Thai Tom Yam Soup

Ready to eat in about five minutes. Comes in three individual packets. Packet #1 contains wontons that are blends of chopped spinach, mushrooms, and water chestnuts. Packet #2 contains the broth, whic ...


Tastes really good. Really small portion - really should only feed 1.5 people. More watery than sauce. Nongreasy. Would consider adding pasta sauce to sauce next time. Would buy again to have meat sau ...

Indian Fare Take-Out Thali

Serves 2. Consists of aloo matar (peas and potatoes), yellow dal (lentils and spices), and basmati rice. Heat, serve, and enjoy. Recommended to add naan bread, chutney, and yogurt to cut the spice a b ...

Vegetable Pad Thai

All natural ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Has tofu and crushed cashews. 10.5 ounces for about $1.99

Veggie Chips

Serving is about 6 per bag with 160 calories each serving. Not as much vegetable taste as expected, and as the ingredients only list potato with tomato powder and spinach powder as backup.

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