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Coldcalm Tablets

With all the stuff going around, Coldcalm is the go-to at the first sign of a cold. When the sniffles strike, we reach for this all natural homeopathic cold medicine to fend off the symptoms. And i ...

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Harvest Gorgonzola Tarte

Love all the Trader Joe's Tarts Aux Deliciousness. Like it's brethren Tarte aux Champignons or Tarte au Brie et aux Tomates, this savory, buttery pizza like disc is totally scrumptious. Crème fraîche, ...

Gingerbread Turkey Kit

This gingerbread turkey kit is absolutely delightful and, as you would expect, comes with everything you need to make it including icing, gumdrops, nonpareils etc. Love the smell of gingerbread and th ...

French Apple Tart

This delectable tart is made with a buttery apricot and apple filling (sweet Northern Spy apples and tart Granny Smiths) nestled in a scrumptious shortbread crust, topped with an artistically arranged ...

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This is the first thing I reach for when I'm feeling like I might be coming down with the flu. At the very first sign of body aches, fatique, a bit of fever or chills, I start taking it and I swear it ...

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All Natural Brined Fresh Young Turkeys

These fine, fresh birds come from farms in the US and are absolutely all natural, no antibiotics and fed on a vegetarian diet. Brined means soaked in a sweet-savory brine (Glatt birds are soaked and s ...

Avocados Number Guacamole to Go

Your favorite guac just got better! What could be better than fresh, delicious guacamole in single serving 2 ounce packages? Trader Joe's Avocado's Number now comes in 6 handy little tubs of guacamole ...

Category:Dairy Case
Sacha Inchi Seeds

Yes, another super food to try! These seeds come from rainforests in southeast Asia and are an excellent source of Omega-3s and ALA. Plus one 1 ounce serving has 8 grams of protein! What do they taste ...

Candy Coated Chocolate Drops

Move over, M&Ms. These delicious milk chocolate candy covered morsels are made with milk from cows never treated with artificial rBST hormones, real cane sugar, and real vanilla extract. Furthermore, ...

Vanilla Almond Spiced Chai

Trader Joe's ultimate East-meets-West beverage: black tea brewed according to Indian tradition (with plenty of aromatic spices) and served according to British tradition (with plenty of milk and sugar ...

Category:Tea, Coffee
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Half Moon Cookies

We're over the moon with these cookies... a little bit of vanilla and a little bit of chocolate, covering a delectable lemon cookie. Also know as black-and-white cookies, these are as authentic as you ...

Mini Pumpkin Pies

Little baby pumpkin pies, so cute, so flaky, so very irresistible. Just like regular pumpkin pie but smaller with a buttery, flaky crust on top. And so adorable, anyone you share with these will surel ...

TJs Fish and Chips

This British favorite is so easy to make at home with Trader Joe's. Get that fresh off the boat taste waaaay inland. Grab Trader Joe's Handsome Cut Potato Fries and Fish Nuggets from the frozen aisle ...

Ah Fudge Nuts Picky Bars

What's so great about these bars? Well they're fudgy and nutty and absolutely delicious. But wait, they are also made with ingredients you can actually pronounce featuring a single origin, organic, no ...

Category:Tea, Coffee
Tanzania Small Lot Coffee

Take your taste buds on a journey throughout Tanzania’s Southern Highlands, home of the finest coffee farms in this small African nation, which is located south of Kenya and north of Mozambique. These ...

Category:Tea, Coffee

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